Fernando and Humberto Campana also known as Campana Brothers, are Sao Paulo based artists that take ordinary objects and transform them into extraordinary pieces of art and furniture. You probably know them for their “banquet” collection of stuffed animals and dolls.  But most recently their collaboration with Fendi, “The Armchair of A thousand Eyes” is quite possibly the best to date.  The piece is made up of over 100 Fendi monster bag bugs and finished with gilded brass.   campana-brothers-x-fendi-the-armchair-of-thousand-eyes-0 19077462396_7a9ab75ba1_h campana-brothers-armchair-FENDI-designboom-02-1

VARIATIONS OF THE BANQUETTE pph_9091_l 41316_480 alligator480-1
6a00d8343022e553ef014e5f722e41970c-800wi banquette_shark_48060-campana-brothers-1DISNEY0_9e8d4_19183b1b_orig

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