Iconic makeup artist Pat McGrath  is launching the limited release of the Metalmorphosis 005 collection at 12 p.m., November 15th. We saw glimpses of the collection first on the Versace and Margiela Spring 17 runway.  Despite the outrageous gilded finish, we saw a more subtle application at Versace where it was used as an eye highlighter with a more bare face for a dreamy but modern finish.  The collection will have silver, gold copper and bronze pigments and liquid that mix to an ultra luxurious metallic finish that turns into liquid metal, luminous, dramatic and bold.  The single shade set will be $60, and the “everything kit” set will be $165, as well as a dual sided black eyeliner marker that is $24.  The collection will also be available in select stores and sephora.com on November 22nd.kollaj_new-metalmorphosis-005-by-pat-mcgrath-101_new-metalmorphosis-005-by-pat-mcgrath



Versace spring 17 show

photos: Pat McGrath labs, beutyediter.com

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