Lingerie brand For love and Lemons and jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche seem like the perfect duo for a new collab, hence this ultra bohemian collection that lives up to the aesthetic of both labels.  Jacquie Aiche is known for her incredible designs using natural stones and materials with an ultra luxe twist that is extremely wearable and beautiful.  For Love and Lemons’ lacey, beautiful line, Aiche says, served as an inspiration, with the floral and vine pieces.  Each one is so delicate and beautiful but has a real edge when paired up together.  for-love-and-lemons-festival-1-612x917 98765434234_1024x1024-612x918 Shot_30-2376-612x918 876345_1024x1024-1-612x918 for-love-and-lemons-festival-4-612x918 098765234234234_1024x1024-612x918 345345345_0e56e998-4dc3-4cfc-83af-2f845153745f_1024x1024-612x918 234234234234_9c27924b-8300-4906-b3e6-a9c4304f7ff9_1024x1024-612x918 345345345_8c8b49cb-19c3-4142-9b71-6e7d4faf85e1_1024x1024-612x918 6345345345_91c51d1d-5992-413f-9128-3e687902f017_1024x1024-612x918 98765423434_1024x1024-612x918 anklet_01f7d589-0743-4f1b-b2cd-d0a1fb656b1a_1024x1024-612x918 87654_1024x1024-612x918photos: Jacquie Aiche, Who What Wear

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