After collaborating with Karl lagerfeld and his cat Choupette, and Mika Ninagawa, The Japanese brand Shu Uemura has now teamed up with the Paris based designer Yazbukey.  The Spring 2015 collection will have 34 items ranging from the beautiful “I love my Shu Shu” eye shadow palettes,  lipsticks, polishes, cleansers and of course my favorite, the false lashes named “Dazzling Flare Tina”, and “Flip color Yaz”.  The collection has just launched in Japan and will be available Internationally in May.  Maybe I am biased because I have my own little Yaz, my daughter who I adore, but I find everything the Ottoman Princess Yaz does to be so playful and special in a real parisian chic way!

Shu-Uemura-Yazbukey-2015-Spring-Collection-2 Shu-Uemura-Yazbukey-2015-Spring-Collection-1 Shu-Uemura-Yazbukey-2015-Spring-Collection-3 Shu-Uemura-Yazbukey-2015-Spring-Collection-4 Shu-Uemura-Yazbukey-2015-Spring-Collection-5 Shu-Uemura-Yazbukey-2015-Spring-Collection-6 Shu-Uemura-Yazbukey-2015-Spring-Collection-7 Shu-Uemura-Yazbukey-2015-Spring-Collection-8 Shu-Uemura-Yazbukey-2015-Spring-Collection-9Elle Girl Japan 

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