In our never ending wellness pursuit of achieving our best self, it seems like we are inundated with products and regimens everyday.  It’s hard to know where to start and where to end. So I will share one of my top indulgences. Formerly known as Moondeli, Moodbeli’s wildcrafted adaptogen blends are quite possibly the easiest way to incorporate a wide assortment of quality ingredients into our everyday routine. They are certified organic and vegan, pure blends, free of any sweetener or sugars. You can add them to hot water, teas, milks, juices and smoothies and incorporate them into food.  Personally, I drink them all with hot water and a bit of manuka honey.

My favorites are the Golden Turmeric, with turmeric, ginger and black pepper, which is an anti -inflammatory digestive aid, full of antioxidants and is also detoxifying. In the Blue Green Adaptogen, spirulina  is known to be a powerful immune building plant protein, with detoxifying benefits, and tocos is a skin food that is also detoxifying and a great source of vitamin E. The Ceremony Tonic is basically a supercharged hot cocoa.  Matcha has l-theanine for focus and calm. Raw cacao is a mood enhancer with high levels of Iron, magnesium, calcium and antioxidants. And maca is a skin food that is also mood and energy booster. All the ingredients are sourced from Peru, China and Pakistan just for this one blend, to get the most potent highest quality of each.

There’s a natural remedy for everything. One of my favorite gifts to give now is their kits and box sets.

Their website has tons of recipes for food, desserts and drinks as well.

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