Taking personalization one step further from the Initial collection, Vuitton has come out with the Fortune Collection.  The 12 signs of the zodiac will be represented in the miniature hoop earrings.  Wear your own single zodiac sign hoop alone or mix and match, either way they are super chic…

LEOlouis-vuitton--M68137_PM2_Front view-1 CANCERlouis-vuitton--M68136_PM2_Front view-1 GEMINIlouis-vuitton--M68135_PM2_Front view TAURUSlouis-vuitton--M68134_PM2_Front view ARIESlouis-vuitton--M68133_PM2_Front view VIRGOlouis-vuitton--M68138_PM2_Front view LIBRAlouis-vuitton--M68139_PM2_Front view SCORPIOlouis-vuitton--M68140_PM2_Front view SAGITARIUSlouis-vuitton--M68141_PM2_Front view CAPRICORNlouis-vuitton--M68142_PM2_Front view AQUARIUSlouis-vuitton--M68143_PM2_Front view PISCESlouis-vuitton--M68144_PM2_Front view

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