Lebanese Interior Designer Danielle Moudaber’s flat in South Kensington is a fairytale in blue.    “Infinity, spirituality and positivity” are how she describes this particular shade.  And I couldn’t agree more ,  the moldings and details are so unique and beautifully done, everything including the bespoke furniture and lighting.   The entire home has an incredibly tranquil and whimsical tone…1_Danielle_Moudaber_london_photo_Moon_Ray_Studio_yatzer-1 9_Danielle_Moudaber_london_photo_Moon_Ray_Studio_yatzer 7_Danielle_Moudaber_london_photo_Moon_Ray_Studio_yatzer 7_Danielle_Moudaber_london_photo_Moon_Ray_Studio_yatzer 4_Danielle_Moudaber_london_photo_Moon_Ray_Studio_yatzer 3_Danielle_Moudaber_london_photo_Moon_Ray_Studio_yatzer 5_Danielle_Moudaber_london_photo_Moon_Ray_Studio_yatzer 12_Danielle_Moudaber_london_photo_Moon_Ray_Studio_yatzer 10_Danielle_Moudaber_london_photo_Moon_Ray_Studio_yatzer 8_Danielle_Moudaber_london_photo_Moon_Ray_Studio_yatzer 2_Danielle_Moudaber_london_photo_Moon_Ray_Studio_yatzer 11_Danielle_Moudaber_london_photo_Moon_Ray_Studio_yatzer 6_Danielle_Moudaber_london_photo_Moon_Ray_Studio_yatzerImages via Yatzer, Moon Ray Studio

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