Every now and again I find something nostalgic that I can’t get enough of.  The irony is that right here in NYC is usually where I find it and not always on my travels.  Every time I am in Russia I am so inspired by the floral patterns and the boldness of the culture.  Apparently Jan Kath feels the same way, as he was inspired for his From Russia With Love collection of superfine silk rugs from a tablecloth in a Russian restaurant here in NYC.  The traditional patterns with the bright reds and pinks of the roses and florals take me back to the headscarves and matryoshka dolls of  Russia.  By deconstructing and manipulating the patterns and colors with fluorescents and bright colors the result is extraordinarily opulent.  Each rug takes three months to hand weave in Tibetan Highland wool and Chinese Silk.  These exotic beauties are a bohemian pop of super luxury for any eclectic  interior.

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