The Valentino Resort 2016 collection epitomizes everything I love about fashion.  This uber eclectic collection was inspired by Diana Vreeland’s famous quote ” The eye has to travel.”By collaborating with artist Christi Belcourt as well,  there is a beautiful melange of navajo inspired embroideries, beaded fringe, far east inspired dragons, and leather intarsia of the continents.  I mean seriously it doesn’t get any more all over the map than this.    The patchwork, the floral and animal motifs,  and micro studs that we’ve come to love were mixed in with all of the above making for the ultimate  eccentric, free spirited  collection. The delicate beading and embroidery on the sheer dresses and skirts,  juxtaposed with the sneakers, gorgeous and modern…

valentino-078-1366 valentino-080-1366

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