By now you know I love the speciality of custom and beautifully  designed original products , and actually something as simple as a balloon is no different, the possibilities are endless.  So,  first there was Confetti System, the most luxe paper and mylar garlands and pinatas, now Balloons  are reaching a whole new level of luxe, with party decor that is literally bursting with cool. I found three different brands offering different versions and price points of the super luxe party gear.

First there is BonBon Balloons, based in London, they ship balloons with different streamers fully blown and filled with confetti and customizations of your choice, so it literally pops out like a party in a box.

Next, Geronimo by Jihan Zencirli, based in LA, sells party kits and balloons with tassel streamers in a beautiful array of colors and giant balloons.  They also sell the clear ones that can be filled with any confetti, and heart shaped balloons.  Geronimo does custom work as well, but it’s pretty easy to do a fabulous fete with a few giant balloons and streamers, a little goes a long way.

Last but not least, there is Prospect goods, based in San Diego, which actually has mostly all of these things including the confetti system garlands that I adore, with so many incredible color arrangements at a fraction of the price.  They also do DIY pinatas,  and the balloons and tassel tails and their own version of a garland.

Party on!

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