Ok so admittedly this might possibly be my all time favorite residence.  I have seen photos of Lenny Kravitz’s Paris mansion several times, but recently there are these updated photos in the French Architectural Digest with additional images.  If you didn’t already know, the musician started his own Kravitz Design Firm in 2003 and his projects are the ultimate in Rock n’ Roll Glam.  This home has the most opulent finishes with a real hard edge that makes it so exquisite.  From the Bacarrat chandeliers and Kravitz Swarovski chandeliers, to the Basquiat art, and my favorite, the Lucite piano, this home is full of some serious treasures.  ad_kravitz_previews14_jpg_4201_north_700x_white ad_kravitz_previews17_jpg_8687_north_700x_white ad_kravitz_previews08_jpg_8156_north_700x_white ad_kravitz_previews18_jpg_9463_north_700x_white ad_kravitz_previews10_jpg_5317_north_700x_white ad_kravitz_previews07_jpg_4332_north_700x_white ad_kravitz_previews04_jpg_1212_north_700x_white ad_kravitz_previews06_jpg_8286_north_700x_white ad_kravitz_previews01_jpg_5113_north_700x_white ad_kravitz_previews15_jpg_3671_north_700x_white ad_kravitz_previews11_jpg_8847_jpeg_1975.jpeg_north_700x_white ad_kravitz_previews20_jpg_2589_jpeg_6969.jpeg_north_700x_white ad_kravitz_previews03_jpg_9948_jpeg_7549.jpeg_north_700x_whiteADmagazine.fr

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