Well as I am not one for subtlety, this Paris home has all the eccentric qualities that make it over the top dreamy.  Designer Klavs Rosenfalck has taken this 1860’s apartment that has been unoccupied for over 50 years and restored it in all it’s gold glitz and glory.  He fully restored the gilt, stucco and fresco to this impeccable standard, and decorated it with mixing and matching of unexpected lighting fixtures  and furniture  creating this sophisticated and modern touch to a stunning  home.  img_4381_copie_jpg_3121_north_700x_white img_4706_copie_jpg_6083_north_700x_white img_4658_copie_jpg_1739_north_700x_white img_4766_copie_jpg_227_north_700x_white img_4782_jpg_7393_north_700x_white img_4204_copie_jpg_2822_north_700x_white img_4849_copie_jpg_2692_north_700x_whiteMatthew Salvaing



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