Repossi’s outrageously gorgeous collection of jewelry has me obsessing over the “Serti Sur Vide” (set on void) collection of modern minimalist structure that has the look of diamonds floating. The only thing cooler than having one of these rings is having a handful like in this photo.

 sexy-jewelry-shoot-repossi5-612x353 sexy-jewelry-shoot-repossi6-612x706 sexy-jewelry-shoot-repossi2-612x708 sexy-jewelry-shoot-repossi1-612x707 sexy-jewelry-shoot-repossi3-612x354 sexy-jewelry-shoot-repossi4-612x708photos:FGR

Only For Valentine’s Day, Repossi has a fuchsia line where several styles of jewelry are available in fuchsia rhodium.  I am a big fan, not that the other pieces are not gorgeous enough, but what a special twist!20150211-100409-928590432 screen-shot-2015-01-28-at-7-35-59-pm [

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