Stubbs & Wootton is known for their chic slippers that go effortlessly from day to night.  Now they have a quirky, fun collaboration with the Happy Menocal that is available exclusively at Moda Operandi right now through March 2nd.  Obviously my favorite are the bespoke slippers, like bespoke fruit, and bespoke sport!
m-358-420153-2-7eObUDJivyb3-2 m-358-420072-5-woY5ZTfbLTWE m-358-420045-5-u7p5jWOIUulX m-358-420126-5-zY6qLzzo7UkV m-358-420099-5-lEkwqLWbIIXw m-358-420180-5-3VQ6EznB5dO3 m-358-420288-2-jmbroV1HHJBAm-358-420207-5-VSH4mpFaeD54m-358-420315-5-d2NvQ8NnVHjc

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