As you  know, Madrid based Couturier Alfredo VIllalba, is high up there on my inspirational list of designers, each piece is a serious labor of love and so intricate.  This Spring Summer 2015 Haute Couture Collection “Floral Geometry”  is as Alfredo Villalba put it himself “a unique beauty reached by ordering chaos.”  Drawing inspiration from ancient cultures, The Hispanic Roman Era is represented by the black and white mesh metal mosaic and the embroidered marine motifs.  The Aztec culture is represented by the colorful geometric shapes and jewel tones of metal mesh. And the severity of all of that vs the floral elements makes for a visually extraordinary mix.  The floral motifs are stamped and embroidered in 3D, as he is known for his incredible embellishments he used mother of pearl , crystals, metal mesh, leather, patent leather and of course tulles and laces artfully adorned with these embroideries.  There is also layering of dresses over skirts, shorts, capes, tops, bodices, and there is voluminous bottoms with asymmetrical hems.  His couture has always had a certain edge, it is not just all flowers and beautifully embroidered lace, it is the perfect mix of hard and soft, and this collection has a certain crispness and modernity that I have come to love from him…fresh!
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