In the world of Confetti System all that glitters is gold.  Julie Ho and Nicholas Anderson are the talented the duo behind the brand.  They create everything from shimmering pinatas and blindfolds to garlands, gift wrap, jewelry, flowers to custom decor,  there is nothing these two can’t do with some mylar and tissue paper and a ton of imagination.  This is the ultimate in party decor, it’s everything you dreamed of growing up and everything you want for  right now.  The two have collaborated with everyone from Lanvin, Opening Ceremony, Pop magazine and Gagosian Gallery  to MOMA PS 1.  They create custom spaces, large scale installations and objects, starting from the beautiful basics to the most extravagant by commission.   I recently visited them to buy a garland for my daughter’s birthday and it has now become a permanent fixture in her room, it exudes happiness and fun.  It is as luxe as paper can get!

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