This is one of my all time favorite Dolce & Gabanna collections and of course I love it because  the italian duo drew inspiration from Spain.  From flamenco to bullfighting, the matador jacket, The black and white with the bold red embroidery and the flowers, the lace, the gold.  It oozes sexy.  Dolce  & Gabanna is known for their less than subtle, over the top sexy and this collection has it all for me.  It was really hard to narrow down to a few, and that’s how you know it was an amazing show. The last look says it all with all the models wearing bullfighter shirts and embroidered red high waisted shorts.    DOL_0221DOL_0129 DOL_0183 DOL_0168 DOL_0248 DOL_0422 DOL_0474 DOL_0569 DOL_0549DOL_0698 DOL_0590 DOL_0775 DOL_0809 DOL_0948photos: Yannis Vlamos/


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