“Turn your house into a home, make your wishes come true and follow you in your escapes.”   This lifestyle  company founded by Emmanuelle Fouks and Nicolas Mauriac, a former fashion director and art editor melds trends of the times into lifestyle and interior design pieces.   Maison de Vacances is a company based in the heart of Paris, in the gardens of the Palais Royal under the arches nearby the Louvre, lies the original shop.  Nowadays you can find this collection in more than 20 countries.  The exotic skins and furs used for pillows, beanbags, rugs and accessories transform a space with a modern feel and light hearted casual chic vibe.   Indeed the styling in their catalogs is always a source of inspiration.  It’s all about the mix for this duo.mdv3 mdv5cat1cat2cat3cat5cat6cat7cat8cat9cat10abcdcat

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