Renowned designer Jacques Garcia who has designed hotels, restaurants and private residences for clients such as the Sultan of Brunei across the globe is known for his opulent style, to say the least.  Having done restoration projects for Versailles and the Louvre, it isn’t really surprising that he decided to purchase 20 years ago Chateau du Champ de Bataille in Normandy for his private residence.  It was in ruins when he bought it and he spent years restoring it to this stunning mix of of 17th and 18th century architecture and furniture with modern overtones.2013_10_04_img_1485portrait_jpg_7000_north_700x_white ad_garcia_salonrecep_jpg_7669_north_700x_white ad_garcia_sdb_jpg_581_north_700x_white ad_131003_garcia_bassinext_jpg_9182_north_700x_white ad_garcia_chjaune_jpg_3260_north_700x_white ad_131003_garcia_bassinint_jpg_3396_north_700x_whiteOlivier Foltzer, photos Mai-Linb

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