Deep in the the Northern Yucatan Jungle in Tecoh Mexico on 740 acres of land lies the house built by renowned artist and sculptor Jorge Pardo.  He spent six years perfecting this beautiful home that incorporates both modern and mayan decor and melds it with this sort of origami inspired architecture.  The hand blown glass lanterns that are hanging both indoors and out give the most exquisite finishing touch.

jorge_pardo_main1_jpg_5263_north_700x_white jorge_pardo_main2_jpg_8874_north_700x_white jorge_pardo_main3_jpg_6535_north_700x_white jorge_pardo_main4_jpg_961_north_700x_white jorge_pardo_main5_jpg_4683_north_700x_white jorge_pardo_main6_jpg_6424_north_700x_white

jorge_pardo_main7_jpg_7032_north_700x_whitePhotos: Martyn Thompson

Architectural Digest France


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