I remember a time when Leonor Greyl’s Huile de Palme Hair Oil, renamed Huile de Leonor Greyl was only available in Europe.  Now the best kept secret of oils is out.  You can find it in specialty stores internationally and on their own Leonor Greyl site to purchase.  This oil is the best I have ever used for hair.  There are salons that charge several hundred dollars just to apply this oil and put you under a heating cap, with the promise of shiny healthier hair once it is washed out.  For those of us who know we can purchase a bottle for $60 and it will last you many, many applications. A little goes a long way, it is a pre shampoo treatment oil you just leave in about an hour or so, or apply to hair before a day at the beach or pool.  It provides UV protection, and is safe for color treated hair.huile-de-leonor-greyl-247x247

The next oil from Leonor Greyl, Huile de Magnolia is more of  a body oil, but can also be used for face if you are not too sensitive.  It is thick and doesn’t absorb too quickly, so don’t plan on putting clothes on and running out.  However it does miracles, continual use will leave your skin soft as a baby.  It is good for use after sun exposure or hair removal to heal and calm the skin.  Huile-de-Magnolia-leonor-greyl-247x247

The last oil is the newest creation from Leonor Greyl, Huile Secret de Beaute is a lightweight fast absorbing oil for face, body and hair. It also is available now in the OR version which is the golden shimmer.   You can even apply a small amount to hair after a shower.  It absorbs quickly on skin and softens with a light fresh scent.  I use all three because they each serve a different purpose, and are all amazing.  They retail between $55 and $65.Huile-Secret-Beaute-Leonor-Greyl-247x247The next oil is the #1 selling in France Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse.  You can pick up a smaller bottle starting at $29.  This is a multi use dry oil for face, body and hair which is also amazing in the summer instead of heavy moisturizer.  It has a fresh scent and no residue.  Seconds after rubbing in you will only feel supersoft skin and no grease whatsoever, making it a fresh option for the summer.  The Huile Prodigieuse OR is the same oil with a slight golden shimmer.  fiche_fp-nuxe-huile-prodigieuse-love-hp-100ml-34-2014-06-usfiche_fp-nuxe-huile-prodigieuse-or-i-am-prodigieuse-100ml-34-2014-06-usLastly Sunday Riley is here.  I LOVE Sunday Riley Juno Oil.  I use it religiously every day since it came out.  I apply it under my tinted SPF or makeup and then dab a few drops on top of makeup on cheeks and forehead.  As Sunday Riley herself describes it for the “obsession worthy glow”, which is exactly what it delivers.   You can reapply several times a day. It is loaded with retinol, omega 3,6,9, essential amino acids and UV shield.  It is antioxidant, anti aging and absorbs quickly to leave the perfect fresh dewy glow.  It retails for $125.


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